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Construction Spacers
Spacers used to hold rebar in place when casting concrete slabs and columns. Rebar Spacers are designed to hold reinforcement steel bars in place during concrete casting, maintaining correct positioning and preventing unwanted movement. They come in various shapes, sizes, and types, providing flexibility to meet project requirements. Choosing Rebar Spacers ensures precision, strength, and durability in concrete structures.
Electonic Pick and Place
Our specialized electronic department provides efficient and precise assembly of electronic components for various industries. We take pride in delivering exceptional products and services that meet our clients' unique needs and specifications. Our electronic pick and place machines and hand placing and soldering techniques set us apart from the competition. We are committed to outstanding customer service and meeting project deadlines, and we offer a comprehensive solution through our plastic department for electronic device manufacturing.
Construction Material
We offer an extensive range of top-quality materials for all your construction needs. From plumbing supplies to standard construction hardware, construction chemicals, and construction plastics, we have everything you need to complete your project with confidence. Our products are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and performance, ensuring maximum durability and efficiency. Choose us for your next construction project, and experience the difference in quality and service.
Construction Tools
Our range of high-quality construction tools includes building tools like trowels and spades, as well as versatile general-purpose tools that save time and effort. Made with durable materials, our tools meet the highest standards of performance, and we offer a variety of sizes and styles suitable for all skill levels. Expect exceptional customer service and competitive prices when you choose us for your next construction project.
Tool and Die Manufature
We offers plastic injection molding tools and dies manufactured in-house with the latest technology in our state-of-the-art tool room. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to delivering precision and durable products using high-quality materials and components. We provide custom-designed tools and dies, as well as maintenance and repair services. Our competitive pricing, exceptional customer service, and quick turnaround times make us the ideal choice for all your plastic injection molding needs.
CNC machining and light Engineering
Our company offers precision CNC machining services using advanced equipment like a 3-axis CNC milling machine and a CNC lathe with specific measurements. Their skilled professionals ensure high-quality results, using only the best materials and components for reliable and long-lasting products. They can handle custom-designed components and parts for existing equipment. They also offer competitive pricing, exceptional customer service, and quick turnaround times. Choose them for your next CNC machining project and experience the difference in quality and service.
Battery Welding
Battery spot welding machine used to weld nickel strips and solder tabs onto Lithium iron and alkaline batteries to create customized battery packs. Our semi-automatic Microcomputer controlled battery welder boasts a maximum power output of 10KVA, making it an ideal choice for welding up to 0.2mm thick solder lugs.

Plastic Injection Moulding
We offer a diverse range of plastic injection moulding services with machines ranging from 40 ton to 200 ton, making us a reliable choice for various industries. Our ability to specialize in running most thermo plastics, including poly carb and flame-retardant materials, showcases our versatility in meeting the needs of our clients. Our skilled team and cutting-edge technology ensure that we provide efficient and precise moulding services.
About our Services

  • Reinforced Spacers for the Construction Industry
  • Formwork accessories
  • Construction Material
  • Construction Tools
  • Electronic pick and place, Pc board assembly
  • CNC Milling and Turning
  • Tool and Die Manufacture
  • Plastic Injection Moulding Service
  • Battery Spot Welding Service
  • 3D Printing in Filament or Resin
Here are definitions and alternative names for the products and services we provide:
Top Clip Rebar Chair Spacer: A type of rebar chair spacer with a top clip design used to support and maintain the correct positioning of reinforcing bars (rebar) within concrete structures. Alternative names: Clip-on rebar chair spacer, top-clip bar spacer.
Rebar Chair Spacer: A device used in construction to elevate and support rebar at the required height within concrete forms. Alternative names: Rebar support, reinforcement chair spacer.
Rebar Cover Block: A block-shaped device placed over rebar to ensure that it remains at the proper depth within concrete structures. Alternative names: Concrete cover block, rebar protective block.
Plastic Rebar Chair Spacer: A rebar chair spacer made of plastic material, typically used to prevent contact between rebar and concrete. Alternative names: Polymer rebar chair spacer, plastic reinforcement spacer.
Plastic Rebar Cover Block: A plastic block used to cover and protect rebar within concrete, preventing corrosion and ensuring proper positioning. Alternative names: Polymer rebar cover block, plastic reinforcement cover.
Rebar: Steel bars used to reinforce concrete and provide tensile strength to structures. Alternative names: Reinforcing bar, steel reinforcement.
Rebar Circular Spacer: A circular-shaped spacer designed to maintain a specific gap between rebar and concrete forms. Alternative names: Circular rebar spacer, round bar spacer.
Rebar Wheel Spacer: A wheel-shaped spacer used to support rebar and maintain consistent spacing within concrete structures. Alternative names: Rebar roller spacer, wheel-type bar spacer.
Rebar Combination Spacer: A versatile spacer that can serve multiple purposes in rebar placement and concrete reinforcement. Alternative names: Multi-function rebar spacer, versatile bar spacer.
Rebar Combination Chair Spacer: A chair-style spacer with multiple functions for supporting and spacing rebar. Alternative names: Multi-function rebar chair spacer, versatile reinforcement spacer.
Screed Chair Spacers: Spacers used to support and align screed rails during the concrete leveling process. Alternative names: Screed rail support spacers, leveling chair spacers.
Screed Level Spacers: Spacers designed to ensure the levelness and alignment of screed rails for concrete finishing. Alternative names: Leveling spacers for screeding, screed rail alignment aids.
Screed Rail Spacer: A spacer used to maintain the correct distance between screed rails for precise concrete leveling. Alternative names: Screed rail gap spacer, leveling rail support.
Rebar Safety Caps: Protective caps placed on the exposed ends of rebar to prevent injury and enhance safety on construction sites. Alternative names: Safety end caps for rebar, protective bar caps.
Rebar Protection Caps: Caps used to safeguard rebar from corrosion, damage, and environmental factors. Alternative names: Rebar corrosion protection caps, bar safeguard caps.
Rebar Caps: Generic term for protective and safety caps used on rebar. Alternative names: Bar end caps, rebar safety covers.
Temporary Plastic Safety Fencing: Temporary fencing made of plastic material to create secure construction zones and enhance safety. Alternative names: Temporary safety barriers, construction site fencing.
Construction Safety Fencing: Fencing used in construction to control access, protect workers, and ensure safety. Alternative names: Building site fencing, construction zone enclosure.
Construction Shade Netting: Shade netting or cloth used to provide shade and protection in construction areas. Alternative names: Building site shade net, construction sunshade.
Shutter Tape: Tape used in formwork and shuttering to seal joints and prevent leakage of concrete. Alternative names: Formwork tape, construction joint tape.
Formwork Shuttering Tape: Tape specifically designed for sealing joints in formwork and shuttering systems. Alternative names: Shuttering joint tape, formwork sealing tape.
Shutterseal: A sealant used in formwork and shuttering systems to prevent concrete leakage. Alternative names: Formwork sealant, shuttering joint seal.
Groutex: A grouting material or product used in construction applications. Alternative names: Grout compound, construction grouting product.
Plastic Shuttering Corner Fillet: Plastic fillet used in formwork and shuttering to create rounded corners. Alternative names: Formwork corner fillet, shuttering corner molding.
Plastic Corner Fillet: A plastic molding used to round off corners in various construction applications. Alternative names: Corner protector, plastic edge fillet.
Construction Column Corner Chamfer: Chamfer used in construction to round off corners and edges of columns. Alternative names: Column edge chamfer, building column molding.
Shutter Chamfer: A chamfered edge or molding used in formwork and shuttering to create beveled surfaces. Alternative names: Formwork edge chamfer, molding for concrete forms.
Rebar Stub Caps: Protective caps placed on the exposed ends of rebar to prevent accidents and injuries. Alternative names: Safety caps for short rebar, stub end covers.
Plastic Shutter Plug: A plug used to fill holes or openings in formwork and shuttering. Alternative names: Formwork hole plug, shuttering hole filler.
Shutter Hole Plugs: Plugs designed to seal holes or openings in formwork and shuttering systems. Alternative names: Formwork opening plugs, shuttering hole covers.
Plastic Ferrule Tube: A plastic tube used to encase or protect tie rods or other structural elements. Alternative names: Polymer ferrule tube, plastic rod casing.
Tie Rod Protection Sleeve: A sleeve or covering used to protect and reinforce tie rods in construction applications. Alternative names: Rod protection sleeve, tie bar casing.
Ferrule Tube Cap: A cap or cover used to seal the ends of ferrule tubes, providing protection and containment. Alternative names: Tube end cap, ferrule casing cap.
Ferrule Cones: Cone-shaped components used with ferrule tubes to secure and align tie rods. Alternative names: Ferrule tube cones, tie bar alignment cones.
Tie Rod Nuts: Nuts used to secure tie rods in construction and formwork applications. Alternative names: Rod nuts, threaded bar nuts.
Shuttering Tie Rod Nuts: Nuts specifically designed for securing tie rods in formwork and shuttering systems. Alternative names: Formwork rod nuts, tie bar fasteners.
Tie Rod Washers: Washers used in conjunction with tie rod nuts to distribute pressure and provide stability. Alternative names: Rod nut washers, tie bar spacers.
Construction Tie Rod Nuts: Nuts used in construction applications for various purposes, including tie rod fastening. Alternative names: Building rod nuts, construction fasteners.  
Shutter Plywood: Plywood panels used in formwork and shuttering systems to create concrete molds. Alternative names: Formwork plywood, construction paneling.
Kwikstage Scaffolding Connector: A connector used in Kwikstage scaffolding systems to join components securely. Alternative names: Scaffolding clamp, Kwikstage scaffold connector.Scaffolding    
Construction Scaffolding: A temporary framework or structure erected at a construction site to support workers and materials during building or maintenance activities. Alternative names: Building scaffolding, construction scaffold.
Construction Shutter Oil: A type of oil or lubricant used in construction to prevent concrete from adhering to formwork, making it easier to release the formwork once the concrete has set. Alternative names: Form release oil, concrete formwork oil.
Construction Release Oil: An oil-based substance applied to formwork in construction to facilitate the easy removal of concrete after it has cured. Alternative names: Formwork release agent, concrete mold release oil.
Construction Chemicals: Chemical substances used in construction for various purposes, including enhancing the properties of materials, waterproofing, bonding, and more. Alternative names: Building chemicals, construction additives.
Construction Shuttering Formwork Release Oil: A specific type of release oil used to aid in the removal of concrete from formwork and shuttering systems. Alternative names: Form release oil for shuttering, concrete mold release agent.
Tie Rod Centralizing Spacers: Spacers designed to maintain the correct alignment and spacing of tie rods in construction applications. Alternative names: Centralizing tie rod spacers, tie bar alignment aids.
Plastic Centralizing Spacers: Spacers made of plastic material used to ensure the proper positioning and alignment of various construction components, such as tie rods. Alternative names: Polymer centralizing spacers, plastic alignment aids.
Rock Bolt Centralizing Spacer: A spacer designed to centralize and align rock bolts used for stabilizing rock formations in construction and mining. Alternative names: Rock anchor centralizing spacer, bolt alignment aid.
Brickwork Wall Ties: Metal ties or connectors used to join brickwork or masonry walls to provide stability and prevent separation. Alternative names: Masonry wall ties, brick anchors.
Wall Ties: Connectors used in construction to secure and join different wall components, ensuring structural integrity. Alternative names: Wall connectors, wall fasteners.
Building Wall Ties: Wall ties specifically used in building construction to secure and connect wall elements. Alternative names: Construction wall ties, structural wall connectors.
Heavy Duty Galvanized Wall Ties: Sturdy wall ties made of galvanized steel for added strength and corrosion resistance. Alternative names: Robust wall connectors, galvanized construction ties.
Heavy Duty Brick Wall Ties: Strong ties used to connect and secure heavy brickwork in construction. Alternative names: Robust brick anchors, heavy-duty masonry ties.
Wire Wall Ties: Wall ties made of wire or metal, used to join various wall materials together. Alternative names: Metal wall connectors, wire anchors.
Butterfly Wire Wall Ties: Wall ties with a butterfly-shaped design used for secure and easy installation. Alternative names: Winged wall connectors, butterfly anchors.
Butterfly Brickwork Wall Ties: Wall ties specifically designed for use in brickwork construction, featuring a butterfly shape for stability. Alternative names: Brickwork winged ties, butterfly masonry connectors.
Twisted Pair Wall Ties: Wall ties consisting of two twisted wires or rods for enhanced strength and stability. Alternative names: Twisted wire wall connectors, dual-rod anchors.
Twisted Pair Wire Wall Ties: Wall ties made of twisted wire pairs to securely join various wall elements. Alternative names: Dual-wire wall connectors, twisted pair anchors.
Brick Mesh: A mesh or grid made of metal or other materials used in brickwork to reinforce and provide structural support. Alternative names: Masonry mesh, brick reinforcement mesh.
Brick Force: A term commonly used to refer to reinforcing steel mesh or wires placed in mortar between layers of bricks to enhance wall stability. Alternative names: Brickwork reinforcement, bricklaying reinforcement.
Brickwork Mesh: Mesh specifically used in brickwork construction to reinforce mortar joints and improve structural integrity. Alternative names: Masonry reinforcement mesh, brick mesh reinforcement.
CNC Milling (Computer Numerical Control Milling): CNC milling is a machining process that uses computer-controlled machines to remove material from a workpiece to create custom shapes, features, or parts. Alternative names: CNC machining, precision milling.
CNC Turning (Computer Numerical Control Turning): CNC turning is a manufacturing process that involves rotating a workpiece while a cutting tool shapes it into the desired form. Alternative names: CNC lathing, computer-controlled turning.
Spark Erosion (Electrical Discharge Machining - EDM): Spark erosion is a machining method that uses electrical discharges (sparks) to remove material from a workpiece. It is particularly useful for hard or difficult-to-machine materials. Alternative names: EDM, spark machining.
Plastic Injection Molding: Plastic injection molding is a manufacturing process in which molten plastic material is injected into a mold cavity to produce various plastic parts and products. Alternative names: Injection molding, plastic molding.
Plastic Injection Molding Tool and Die Manufacture: This refers to the design, fabrication, and maintenance of the molds (tools and dies) used in plastic injection molding. Alternative names: Mold and die manufacturing for injection molding, tooling for plastic molding.
Electronic Pick and Place: Electronic pick and place is an automation process used in electronics manufacturing to precisely pick electronic components and place them onto printed circuit boards (PCBs). Alternative names: Component placement, SMT (Surface Mount Technology) assembly.  

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