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Construction Plastic Injection Moulding
Construction  Plastic Injection Moulding

Konsa are manufacturers, specializing in the production of plastic injection moulded, plastic extrusion and vacuum formed components. Our clients base is wide and diverse, from high production plastic enclosures for the packaging industry, to high-tech plastic components for the electronics, electrical, mining, construction and engineering industry. We custom mould to our customers and SABS requirements and are committed to producing quality components at competitive prices.

Our standard product range provides assistance to the concrete construction and pre-cast concrete manufactures.

Manufactures of plastic: Wheel spacers, column spacers, retaining wall spacers, rebar mesh chair spacers, Universal rebar spacers, rebar chair spacers, rebar chair spacer sand pads, rebar stub caps, rebar safety caps, precast walling spacers, tie bar / rock centralizing spacers, centralizing spacer end caps, tie bar / rock bolt pile centralizing spacers, tie rod protection sleeves, tie rod protection sleeve head caps, mechanical rebar splicing systems, weld able half couplers, paving plastic moulds, dobie / test block plastic moulds. Concrete reinforcement spacers, concrete rebar spacers, plastic concrete coverage spacers, concrete rebar spacers. Konsa, konsa Engineering Designs (Pty)Ltd., Joluka, RMCS, Nikkiebolt, Nikkeibolt

Construction rebar spacers and accessories

Plastic injection moulding and plastic extrusion