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Manufactures of plastic: Wheel spacers, column spacers, retaining wall spacers, rebar mesh chair spacers, Universal rebar spacers, rebar chair spacers, rebar chair spacer sand pads, rebar stub caps, rebar safety caps, precast walling spacers, tie bar / rock centralizing spacers, centralizing spacer end caps, tie bar / rock bolt pile centralizing spacers, tie rod protection sleeves, tie rod protection sleeve head caps, mechanical rebar splicing systems, weld able half couplers, paving plastic moulds, dobie / test block plastic moulds. Concrete reinforcement spacers, concrete rebar spacers, plastic concrete coverage spacers, concrete rebar spacers. Konsa, konsa Engineering Designs (Pty)Ltd., Joluka, RMCS, Nikkiebolt, Nikkeibolt

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Established in 1968 Konsa Engineering Designs (Pty)Ltd is based in Boksburg,Gauteng, South Africa. Our standard product range provides assistance to the concrete construction and pre-cast concrete manufactures.

With a complete range of plastic injection and extrusion machine we are able to insuring our customers a good turn around time on all custom and stock manufactured products.

Konsa is committed to providing our customers with onsite service and product training, we offer a unique service that bridges the gap between engineers on site and in office procurement staff by allowing our staff to communicate and build a relationship with both office and site staff.

Our flexible ordering system allows for part delivery on site as needed to help space saving. We commit to a next day free delivery of all stock items in the Gauteng area.

Our sales staff are on call 24/7 to deal with advice, product solutions and delivery.

At Konsa we believe that Simplified business is magical and we want to share and distribute this naturally. We realize the importance and effect of a natural flow in your stressful time constrictive environment and commit to making your buying experience as stress free and time saving as possible.

If we do not have the product or size listed on our site please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than willing to help custom manufacture the product to suite your needs.